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Susannah’s Journey with Hybrid

How Susannah Dropped to 15% Body Fat with Hybrid’s Support and Guidance

Susannah's introduction to Hybrid Gym came through a friend who had been training there. His significant body transformation was a powerful testament to Hybrid Gym's effective strategies and techniques. The inspiration derived from witnessing his change firsthand motivated Susannah to embark on her own journey with Hybrid.

How is Hybrid Gym Different from Other Gyms Susannah has Experienced?

Several factors set Hybrid Gym apart from other fitness centers Susannah has attended. The gym boasts a welcoming atmosphere coupled with top-tier facilities. The trainers are more than just fitness professionals; they're cheerleaders and motivators on this fitness journey. In Susannah's view, Hybrid Gym is the best gym in HK, offering a unique and unparalleled energy and training experience.

How Does Her Coach Enhance the Experience at Hybrid Gym?

Despite struggling with maintaining consistent motivation, Susannah finds that her coach is a steadfast source of encouragement. He motivates her, challenges her, and keeps her focused. The workout sessions strike a perfect balance between being enjoyable and challenging, pushing her limits while ensuring she loves the process.

What Specific Results has Susannah Achieved with Hybrid Gym Over the Past Two Years?

Over her two years at Hybrid Gym, Susannah has seen remarkable results. Her body fat percentage has significantly dropped from 22% to a lean 15%. Not only has she achieved her initial weight loss goal, but she also substantially improved her overall physical health. She now feels healthier, stronger, and has seen a noticeable boost in her confidence. This transformation journey would not have been possible without her dedicated Hybrid coach's continuous guidance and support.

Key Lessons Learned at Hybrid

  1. Quality Matters: During her training at Hybrid Gym, Susannah learned that the quality of each form and rep is pivotal. It greatly influences the results and helps prevent injuries. She once suffered a lower back injury due to improper deadlift form. Now, she focuses on maintaining correct form, ensuring the right muscles are engaged in each exercise.

  2. Listen to Your Body and Enjoy the Process: Recognizing and respecting her body's signals has been crucial. It has allowed Susannah to enjoy her fitness journey and build strength in a sustainable way. By listening to her body, she has learned when to push herself and when to allow time for recovery.

  3. Dedication: Susannah's journey has underscored the importance of unwavering dedication. Despite living and working in the new territories, the distance hasn't dampened her commitment to training. It's through her consistent training over the past two years that she has achieved her fitness goals.

Are you a busy professional looking for ways to structure your health & fitness journey around your demanding work lifestyle?


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