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Meet Clare and Nathan

They're full-time working parents - Nathan a pilot and Clare an occupational therapist. We helped them improve their health and lose fat in 16 weeks. All while juggling their careers, parenting, and social lives.

Personal Training in Hong Kong

Here's how we did it:

The Problem

They struggled to lose fat and stay consistent, especially with the pace of Hong Kong lifestyle.

Their busy schedules left little time to plan healthy meals and training had never been a priority.

Minor injuries would often limit their progress especially with Nathan coming back from a big injury.

Regardless, here’s what we did:

Step 1: Create a tailored nutrition plan

Nathan needed a nutrition plan that adapted to his on-the-go lifestyle:

  1. Make better food choices on plane journeys

  2. Meal prep for longer layovers

  3. Keep consistent eating schedules while abroad

  4. Focus on proteins and fats for fat loss

We found healthier in-flight options, meal-prepped for layovers, and maintained consistent eating schedules abroad. We also prioritized proteins and fats for muscle growth, overall health, and fat loss.

Clare was able to utilise meal prep midweek and was tasked to eat more food initially to help with her transformation journey

Personal Training in Hong Kong

Step 2: Personal Training 3x/Week

Every successful transformation requires an emphasis on strength training.

Despite being new to training as a couple:

  1. We could tailor their programming

  2. Both had specific targets and movements

  3. Training together just enhances their journey

We adjusted Nathan's weight training to accommodate his hand injury. Training with Clare added enjoyment and accountability. We added in running sessions to counteract long flight hours and used a split body routine for optimal muscle growth and fat loss.

Personal Training in Hong Kong

Step 3: Remote Coaching & Support

Nathan needed tools to stay on track while traveling:

  1. Remote programming for hotel workouts

  2. Plan for fitness facilities at destinations

  3. Use the outdoors for extra cardio and running

  4. Multiple food options with flexible targets

With busy schedules, both needed clear direction.

But we had to adapt as challenges came about.

We found the easy wins and shifted our focus to long term changes.

This allowed a sustainable plan which they could replicate without sacrificing social lives.

The Results

In 16 weeks, they lose over 10% bodyfat collectively.

This gave them:

  • More energy

  • Improved confidence

  • Better health markers

  • A sustainable lifestyle

Are you a busy professional looking to transform your body and mindset with a sustainable plan?


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