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From Rugby Fields to Corporate Suits: Keri's Pursuit of Peak Fitness

Keri, a part-time rugby player in Hong Kong, started a fitness journey while working a demanding corporate job. She went through personal training at Hybrid, emphasizing the significance of accountability, dietary modifications, targeted workouts, and the supportive community she discovered. Her journey demonstrates the power of commitment and discipline in attaining fitness objectives.

Keri and Jamie training

Here's the step-by-step journey Keri took to reach her fitness goals:

Step 1: Acknowledging the Need for Improvement

As a committed part-time rugby athlete in Hong Kong, Keri was determined to improve her health and fitness, both on and off the field. Despite her hectic schedule, she sought guidance from Hybrid. Like many professionals, her free time was limited. However, she knew that in order to progress, she needed to put in time and effort towards achieving better health.

Step 2: Evaluating and Improving Diet

Before beginning her personal training at Hybrid, Keri considered her diet to be quite healthy. However, after meeting Coach Jamie and starting her journey, she discovered there was room for improvement. Under Jamie's guidance, she made modifications to her diet and lifestyle that greatly helped her reach her fitness goals.

Step 3: Embracing Accountability

One of the most significant changes for Keri was the accountability her training brought. Having someone like Jamie to monitor her diet, pay attention to her energy levels, and ensure she stayed on track towards her goals was a game-changer. This step highlights the importance of having a professional coach in a fitness journey.

Step 4: Recognizing and Enjoying the Benefits

Lastly, Keri began to see the fruits of her labor. Despite her long working hours in her corporate job, she found that working out at the end of the day was more rewarding than relaxing at home. The fitness improvements, aesthetic changes, and the supportive community she found at Hybrid all contributed to a rewarding training experience.

In conclusion, Keri's journey from a corporate worker and rugby player to a dedicated fitness enthusiast serves as an example for all corporate clients. Her story shows the critical elements of a successful fitness journey: recognizing areas that need improvement, revisiting and refining dietary habits, holding oneself accountable, and appreciating the rewards of committing to the process.


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