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How Su Moon Transformed Her Life

Discover how we helped Su Moon transform her life by taking control of her Health & Fitness

For lawyers like Su Moon, you might relate:

  • Carving out time for consistent training high stress, especially in Hong Kong

  • Striking a work-life balance is the key to your long term results

  • Sustainable fat loss and strength training are crucial to long term Health & Wellness

As a lawyer juggling a hectic work schedule, Su Moon needed a plan that could recalibrate her body and balance out her busy work schedule.

What did we do to ensure Su Moon could find a routine tailor-made for her?

1. Adaptable Training Schedule

Su Moon's unpredictable work schedule called for a training plan that could easily shift gears. We mapped out a flexible training schedule that let her:

  • Squeeze in workouts around her workload and meetings

  • Adjust training intensity based on her energy reserves

  • Keep up the momentum despite her demanding job

  • Train on-the-go or with her husband as a duet PT

2. Sustainable Fat Loss and Strength Building

Instead of putting all the eggs in the fat loss basket, we helped Su Moon strike a balance between sustainable fat loss and strength building. This approach:

  • Turned her mindset from ‘eat less and do more’ to all-around wellness

  • She focused on being much stronger and sustaining this for months to come

  • Removing an aggressive plan ensured the stress factor was removed from her training

3. Sleep: The Non Negotiable

Without rest & recovery, lawyers are running on stress hormones. With better sleep:

  • Su was able to manage stress effectively and prioritise recovery

  • A full bank of health allowed her fat loss to be optimised

  • Results were far better when she could train with a full battery

Key Lessons Learned at Hybrid

Su Moon transformed her life with Hybrid and learned:

  1. Water: nobody has an excuse to be dehydrated, especially working professionals

  2. Quality sleep: without it, sustainable fat loss becomes a yo-yo effort

She also:

  • Stepped up her confidence to balance her personal and professional life

  • Crafted a sustainable system to eat healthily and stay active

  • Discovered the support and accountability needed to train in corporate Hong Kong

How we helped Su Moon reach for the stars:

  1. Adaptable Training Schedule

  2. Sustainable Fat Loss and Strength Building

  3. Sleep: The Non Negotiable

  4. Key Lessons Learned at Hybrid

Are you a busy professional looking for ways to structure your health & fitness journey around your demanding work lifestyle?


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