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How Kelly Made Health & Fitness a Lifestyle in 12 Months

Kelly came to Hybrid with a clear goal: to make Health & Fitness a lifestyle.

She wanted to improve posture and address the imbalances that caused injury in the past. What she didn't anticipate was the transformation she would undergo throughout this journey. Her training, lifestyle and nutrition was catered to achieve her goals - but the support and guidance she had with her Coach went far beyond just the gym floor.

This is her story and what she learned training with the Hybrid team to make health & fitness a lifestyle:

1. Strength Over Everything

Determined to make a change, Kelly started her health & fitness journey incorporating a combination of calisthenics and strength training into her routine. This targeted approach allowed her to focus on improving her posture, while simultaneously building overall strength and the athletic physique she wanted.

With consistent strength training comes the knowledge of how to integrate proper breathing techniques, specific recovery protocols and unique methods to optimise your body. She used these tools to break through any mental barriers she thought existed and has seen herself grow through resistance. With progress each week, her mental drive and determination grew stronger, pushing her to achieve even more than she initially set out to accomplish.

2. Personalised Nutrition is Personal

As Kelly delved deeper into her fitness journey at Hybrid, she came to understand the importance of proper nutrition in supporting her performance and energy levels.

Learning that a balanced diet is crucial for optimising your fitness journey and that it's possible to eat healthily without sacrificing the foods you love - namely candy and ramen. By focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods and practicing portion control, nutrition was personalised, sustainable and enjoyable.

3. The Journey is About You

Throughout her journey at Hybrid, one she continues with today - Kelly emphasises the importance of self-care and overall well-being as being the core tenet of why you start in the first place. Prioritising physical and mental health was the foundation for achieving goals and making lasting changes that it a part of her life now.

Kelly has transformed her body, improved her posture, and made significant strides in her personal well-being. Her programme allowed her to be a stronger version of herself - physically, mentally and emotionally

Her story demonstrates the power of commitment and the incredible results that can be achieved with the right plan in place. By having a clear plan, you can replicate this journey in your own way and you too can make Health & Fitness a lifestyle.

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