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Georgia's 12 Week Fat Loss Journey

Shaping up for her friends wedding: how Georgia got fit in just 12 weeks

Georgia's best friend was getting married in France in just 12 weeks. Georgia wanted to feel confident and look amazing. But after losing her focus during the pandemic, her old training routine wasn't cutting it.

Georgia knew she needed help getting back on track. While she understood how to eat healthy and exercise, she lacked direction and structure. She often lost motivation working out alone at home. And with a busy job, it was tricky planning healthy meals every day.

The solution: Hybrid Group Training, Perfect for female fat loss

Georgia committed to Hybrid’s group training program focused on women's weight loss. She joined daily strength & conditioning classes for an energising, group atmosphere optimised for her female fat burning. This gave her the environment she needed to thrive. Away from the gym she had the nutritional accountability to keep her on track. Coach Darkham collaborated on a flexible nutrition plan so Georgia could still enjoy nights out, her favourite sweet treats all while losing fat.

Mission Accomplished!

Georgie's Tranformation

In just 12 weeks, Georgia lost 5kg and dropped 8% body fat. Georgia felt strong, confident and ready to rock it in the south of France for the wedding. Her new healthy habits now fit her lifestyle just like her dress.

The wedding photos turned out great. But Georgia's biggest wins are the compliments she received from her friends and family about how good she looked on the day. If you want to look amazing and feel confident for a reunion, wedding or trip, get in touch and we can help you shape up just like Georgia did.

If you're facing similar challenges or have any health and fitness queries, get in touch with us.

Remember, every journey begins with a single step.


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