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Pene Smith

Coach / Personal Trainer

Kia ora! Im Penetana but everyone calls me Pene! I have a passion for health and fitness! And want to share my knowledge with you! Originally from NZ here on Rugby contract for HKFC Ive been at Hybrid going on 2 years loving every minute, learning and growing as a coach.

Coaching experience
Hybrid 2021-2022..
Flex fitness 2021-2021
F45 2019-2020

Coaching philosophy? Everything is earnt! Not given in the gym 💪🏽
Fave training song? Hp boys loyalty or Billie Jean
Favorite motto or saying? “Invest in the best, will handle the rest” or “Be the hardest worker in the room”
Favorite TV show or Movie? Physical 100
Favorite Hobbies and Activities? Playing sports like rugby, touch or basketball and chilling on the beach with friends.

Coach of Hybrid Gym
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