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Louie Mendoza

Head of Personal Training

Louie is the Head of Personal Training at Hybrid Gym Hong Kong.

He holds BSc in Sports Science from the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines), a certified ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a CPPS Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist to name a few.

In Manila, he developed a background for training different types of athletes and gym enthusiasts, from youth, all the way up to collegiate and professional athletes. Moving to Hong Kong he focused more on personal training, merging his knowledge of strength & conditioning, nutrition, and body composition to achieve results with all his clients.

He now leads the personal training division at Hybrid Gym Hong Kong, helping provide the best knowledge and support to every client looking to make a change to their health and fitness journey.

Fave Training Song?
Neighbors - J Cole

Coach of Hybrid Gym
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