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Jamie Ross

Senior Coach

Jamie was born in Scotland and lives in Gibraltar. Jamie was always fascinated by sports. Being a keen rugby player, he undertook a BSc in Sports, Exercise and Nutrition Science Degree at Northumbria University. After graduating, Jamie sought opportunities in Hong Kong to play rugby semi professionally alongside a career in personal training.

Now, Jamie is Head of Education, a Senior Trainer and Mentor. Jamie’s expertise in nutrition has formed his sustainable and realistic approach to achieving health and vitality. This paired with his desire to help people be the best versions of themselves has allowed him to succeed in working with clientele from all walks of life, such as fat loss, muscle gain or staying in shape.

Outside being a gym bro, Jamie enjoys eating sushi, going on hikes and reading nutrition books.

Favourite Movie? Guess the quote: “you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it”

Jamie’s life motto: “Do something that your future will thank you for”

Coach of Hybrid Gym
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