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Will's 6-Month Hybrid Journey

20% Bodyfat Down and Massive Lifestyle Changes

Picture where you could be in 6 months time - endless energy, better habits and a physique you’ve wanted for years. Sound unreachable? Well that’s exactly what we did for Will's 6-month Hybrid journey to achieve—20% bodyfat down in 6 months while encouraing massive positive lifestyle changes.

Here are the four powerful steps we took with Will that led to this incredible transformation whilst he shouldered the full time stress of being one of Hong Kong’s Premier DJs:

The steps we meticulously tailored Will's 6-Month Hybrid Journey:

1. Flexible Nutrition for Real Results

Mastering your body's nutritional needs is essential for success.

We identified and tackled three key elements in Will's diet:

  • Personalized calorie and macros: We calculated Will's daily calories and optimal protein intake for weight loss and muscle retention.

  • Micronutrients matter: We focused on a health centric approach to his food by swapping out the processed and packaged items with real foods.

  • Guilt-free indulgence: With a flexible approach, Will enjoyed his favorite foods in moderation without stalling progress.

2. Creating a diverse training regiment for maximum Impact

A varied workout plan was what Will wanted - we challenged his desire to change with a routine that kept his training fresh and new every week:

  • Innovative exercises: We integrated Strongman, Muay Thai and general Strength training into his workouts to ensure a fully developed and fresh work out regiment.

  • Dynamic programming: We actively listended and changed Will's plan according to his feedback, while maintaining our professional expertise and dedication to his goals,

  • Track progress: We monitored and adjusted Will's workouts according to real collected data throughout his journey to ensure continuous improvement and to prevent overtraining.

3. Sleep Strategies for Better Recovery

Quality sleep is crucial for weight loss and wellness. We helped Will enhance his sleep with these strategies:

  • Sleep-friendly environment: We advised investing in black out curtains, ensuring he had a Lumie Lamp to assist in waking. Furthermore, we implmented a 'no phones' rule after 9pm to reduce the damaging effect of blue light on his sleep.

  • Bedtime routine: We encouraged a consistent routine to signal it's time to unwind. You are a creature of habit. We build those habits with you, so that your body does the rest.

  • Limit screen time: We recommended avoiding screens for an hour before bedtime and suggested that he refrains from checking his email first thing in the morning to allow for a smooth start to the day.

4. Balanced Diet for Long-Term Success

Sustainable dieting is essential. We introduced a lenient alternative to the 90/10 ratio for Will:

  • The 80/20 rule: Knowing Will's occupation and lifestyle, we tailored a dieting plan so that Will could obtain 80% of his daily calories from whole foods and 20% of his calories from comfort foods with even a few calories to spare for few drinks on the weekend!

  • Weekly cheat meals: We didn’t splurge out here but we allowed for more flexibility on weekends, higher cals, less restriction and prioritising protein and lipids first for optimal fat loss and muscle gain.

With dedication to these four simple steps, Will transformed his body all whilst crafting a healthy work-life balance he could call his own.

A lifestyle that doesn’t seem to align with Health & Fitness - but one we had a plan for.

PS: If you are looking to get in the best shape possible for Summer, we’re currently running a special Personal Training promo. You’ll get to work with a specialist Hybrid coach one on one to lose weight without spending hours in the gym or giving up your favourite foods. We would love to work with you.


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