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Victor Lost 17 KG for His Family

Victor wanted to make a change in his lifestyle and be a better example for his kids & family and he did! Check out his amazing transformation.

“The experience at Hybrid helped me not only with my diet but also helped build a foundation important for a healthy lifestyle for my children.”

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In 23 weeks Victor lost 17 kg of body weight, dropped down to 18% body fat and became physically stronger for his family.

Victor's 17KG Transformation
Victor's 17KG Transformation

Before coming to Hybrid, Victor was never really conscious of how important it was to eat certain food and train religiously, which is possibly why he gained weight over the covid years.

“I wanted to join a gym with PT as I saw my weight creeping up over the covid years. I liked Hybrid’s environment! Location, exclusivity and privacy of the PT training, support of different coaches all within one Hybrid ecosystem. If you’re SERIOUSLY looking to invest in yourself, hybrid is the place to be ”

After becoming a new dad, he wanted to become a better example to his kids and family through changing his own lifestyle. After starting his journey, he became more conscious with his food selection, meal portioning, and drinking habits, all while maintaining a more active lifestyle.


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