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Tommy & Megan, Shred 10% Body Fat

Being part of our HYBRID community, staying healthy and looking fit were effortless!

Impressive results in just 3 months!


Bodyweight 104.7kg > 101.4kg

Bodyfat 15.6% > 10.7%


Bodyweight: 64.7kg> 63.05kg

Body Fat: 22.7% > 18.5%

What made you guys join HYBRID?

Megan: We had a mutual desire to better ourselves after an indulgent vacation and just to live out a better healthier lifestyle. We also love challenges.

What was your lifestyle before HYBRID?

Tommy: As an athlete, your job is to be fit. But I’ve had my moments of

weakness and coming into Hybrid was right before our training camp (so the

end of our offseason). Putting rigorous training on my body is something its

used to, but it's never easy lol It’s gotten me in great shape these past few months in prep for our Season.

Megan: Pretty sedentary. Working an office job limits the amount of exercise I do. But, once it's in the calendar, it's like signing a contract with yourself.

Were there any changes to your lifestyle or habits outside of the gym?

Megan: We were more conscious about the holistic aspect of getting in shape: the workout, nutrition, making a more concerted effort to take the stairs or walk. I’ve been more patient at work, I’ve had a lot more energy, and my mind is sharper.

What was the biggest lesson you have learned from training at Hybrid?

Tommy: You don’t have to be a gym rat, you can start from wherever you are, and you have a place at the gym. It’s been a welcoming environment and I’ve appreciated the community that we’ve been surrounded with! There are places that are less informative but way more intimidating. Hybrid is NOT that!

What sets Hybrid different from other gyms?

Tommy: A variance in classes and styles kept us always on our toes and excited to try a new class. As time went along, we got to know a lot of the other members and built relationships and friendships with them. In the past three months, Hybrid has built an environment that has felt like an extended family.

What did you learn about training through training together? How do you hold accountable for each other?

Megan: Going together helps. It’s a great bonding experience, it brings you closer in a very tangible way. You learn about another side of each other and if you haven’t trained as a couple before, it's a great surprise, and empowers the both of you. Tommy is very strong (hahaha) and it’s nice to watch him in one of his elements.

Tommy: Megan is a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for.


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