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JOE & KATIE, Wedding Ready

JOE & KATIE: “Results Not Restrictions”

Big day prep, Katie,31, Marketing Director; Joe, 39, Lawyer


Bodyweight: 82.2kg > 76.6kg

Body Fat: 21.87% > 13.28%


Bodyweight: 59.4kg > 55.2kg

Body Fat: 20.5% > 14%

Joe: I love the personal touch on the Personal Training side and the community and variety of the group training. Doing the combination membership allows me to do both.

What made you guys join Hybrid and what were your goals?

Katie: Like lots of couples, the impact of covid over the last couple of years had really hit

our waistlines. With our wedding coming up in October, we wanted to look and feel

our best. In a relatively short period of time our bodies have transformed so I can definitely say the program works! My goal was to lose excess weight and to tone up all over.

Joe: My goal was to rediscover my fitness, get back into a healthy routine

What was your training experience prior to Hybrid?

Joe: I’ve trained in a lot of different facilities with different levels of abilities all across the world but I think there’s something special about the hybrid culture.

What has been the highlight of your whole hybrid training experience together?

Joe: Pene and the team are so professional and have made the experience really enjoyable for us. Doing this together has been great for our relationship, and now exercising together is enjoyable. I think for both of us, not only seeing results but our energy levels are better too.

How do you guys hold each other accountable outside the gym as you prepare for your wedding?

Katie: I would say I keep us on track with diet. I've tried diets my whole life, but never seen

results like this. Doing this journey with Joe and Pene has kept me motivated and

accountable which I think is the major difference.

Were there any changes to your lifestyle or habits outside the gym? Individually and as a couple?

Diet was a big one for us and it's something that the Hybrid team really guided us through. Pene checked in every day to see how we are feeling, with words of motivation and encouragement. Just cutting out treats and even dairy made a huge difference to not only seeing results but to our energy levels. The 10K daily step goal was an achievable target, which encouraged us to get out for daily walks and runs.

What set Hybrid aparts from different gyms?

Joe: It starts from the moment you step in right through to the sessions. Ultimately, you get the sense that Hybrid cares about its members and their goals. Whilst clearly there’s not one workout for everybody, if you listen to what you are told, follow the advice you are given and are prepared to hold yourself accountable, the results speak for themselves.


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