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Ben Tang lost a whopping 17kgs

Aside from losing the excess weight, he’s gained a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, his health, and gained a love for getting STRONG!

“The goal initially was to drop weight and build some strength. I’m down 17kg and have built a lot of strength as well.”

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At 35 yrs old, Ben (@bentang9)sought help from Hybrid to lose weight and make a change to his lifestyle.

During his first consult with Coach Dave, they delved deeper into his history with fitness and nutrition. It quickly became apparent that over the past 5 years his weight had yoyo-ed massively.

Straight away they addressed what was needed to find a solution for Ben that wasn't extreme and was sustainable. In his younger days at university he enjoyed lifting weights and wanted to relight that fire and enjoy training again.

“What Dave has got me to do is really look at what I eat. That’s really given me the education by logging food and what I should really be eating. I could ask him different questions around, what I should be eating during the lockdown, during covid-19. He kept in constant touch for the last 2 months even though we weren’t able to train together”

Ben's progress wasn't always linear but his motivation was a key driving factor all throughout. As the weight on the scale dropped, the weights he was lifting at the gym started to increase. He began to really enjoy his training. He lost 17 kg and his strength increased dramatically by up to 50%.

He initially came in to lose weight but by the end of the process he gained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, health, and built a new found love for strength training with Hybrid Gym Hong Kong. Ben had become the strongest and leanest he had ever been without extreme measures taken to get there. Just hard work, patience and dedication.

“I would absolutely recommend hybrid, absolute professionals, I really believe you can hit your goals by training here. The overall experience has been great!”


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